Friday 5 November 2010


Distribution partner Altech Alcom Radio recently completed a successful nationwide MOTOTRBO road show across South Africa. Clocking up around 4500 kilometres in road and air travel, events were hosted in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Rustenburg, and attracted some 345 potential end users and resellers.

The road show generated interest from a broad variety of businesses and institutions, most notably among high-end users from central government, including the police, navy and rail services, Department of Transport and the national carrier South African Airways. Local government departments such as Health Services and Public Works, as well as private security companies, international mining houses and large-scale manufacturers were also represented.

Commenting on the success of the events, marketing manager Philip Hime said: “We were delighted that several of the customers who attended are satisfied MOTOTRBO system users. They testified about the benefits of the digital radio solution during informal discussions with interested parties and were able to share their own personal experiences.”

One of these testimonials was given by a mine engineer from Rustenburg, who spoke about the successful implementation of what is believed to be the first underground MOTOTRBO leaky feeder system, using IP Site Connect, linear RF amplifiers and leaky feeder transmission cable. His discussion of the advantages of the new system generated a great deal of interest from the surrounding mines.

The road show focused on the benefits of MOTOTRBO’s TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology, which requires less equipment, is more resilient to interference and supports interoperability between analogue and digital radios within the same spectrum.

“The road show provided an understanding of the advantages and cost-savings of TDMA-based digital radio systems and the numerous possibilities offered by MOTOTRBO, using different applications to enhance business productivity. We also demonstrated the standard features which have been built into MOTOTRBO that are often optional extras and therefore perceived as a luxury by analogue radio users,” noted Hime.

“The interest shown by such a broad profile of high-end organisations was extremely encouraging and we are confident that more customers will be making the transition to digital radio in the near future,” he added.

Altech Alcom Radio has subsequently been approached by the Anglo Mining Group, who are on the verge of placing an order for a MOTOTRBO network for the security and transportation of the platinum bullion run. The company has also recently supplied MOTOTRBO systems for Mozambique’s Police and Border control, Emergency Medical Services in the eastern and northern Cape and the University of Cape Town, in addition to many of South Africa’s major mining operations.